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Ernst Valery Investments Corp. (EVI) is a private real estate investment firm established in 2001 and incorporated in 2004 (NY) for the purpose of investing in select underserved and undervalued key emerging domestic real estate markets, defined as urban transitional areas with high residential and retail demand.


Since formation, EVI has expanded its focus to include investing in small business development, particularly that which is women and minority owned. EVI has strategic relationships with a network of seasoned local developers and small business owners who work in emerging markets in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.



OUR MISSION: The Triple Bottom Line

  1. Solid financial returns: EVI is committed to investing in local developers and small business owners that strive to acheive strong economic returns with mitigated risk. We seek forward commitments from lenders to establish clear exits upon stabilization. By utilizing state and federal government subsidies, such as affordable housing tax credits, new market tax credits and historic tax credits, costs are reduced for a greater return on equity.

  2. Supporting Communities: EVI is committed to building healthy, stable communities that are characterized by multi-income, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational populations. We seek developers and small business owners committed to the same focus. By revitalizing urban transitional neighborhoods experiencing high residential and retail demand, EVI seeks to replace vacant properties with affordable and work-force housing, local businesses and a new sense of place.

  3. Sustainability: EVI is committed to working with developers and business owners with a focus toward environmental responsibility and sustainability. EVI invests in affordable and market rate built to suit green housing developments and employs historic tax credits and adaptive reuse techniques, recycling obsolete assets for their highest and best use and preserving the historic fabric of the urban core.

OUR FOCUS: Urban Transitional Neighborhoods


Revitalizing the urban core experiencing high residential and retail demand despite downturn. Vacant properties being replaced with affordable and work-force housing, local businesses,and new sense of place.

Factors driving this paradigm change: Lower crime rates, longer commuting times, oil prices, desire to be closer to workplace and entertainment hubs.

Our corporate and individual mission is to

go beyond bricks and mortar to instill strong social impact and equity that ensures a real, measurable benefit to the communities and 

people we serve.             


EVI Founder & President 

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